Puerto Rico’s Crisis and the SFL Puerto Rican Diaspora: A Conversation

The National Puerto Rican Agenda (SFL Chapter) –  a nonpartisan alliance of stateside national and local organizations, elected and community leaders, and volunteers – invites you to a Dialogue (‘Conversatorio’) about the humanitarian and fiscal crisis affecting Puerto Rico and the impact on the Puerto Rican Diaspora Community in South Florida. Melissa Mark-Viverito, Speaker of the New York … [Read more...]

PROMESA 2.0 : A Colonial Problem a Hundred Years in the Making

The House National Resources Committee has spoken. Led by House Speaker Paul Ryan it is supposed to bring to Puerto Rico a much “anticipated” and “needed” solution to its financial woes. The PROMESA 2.0 (or by its new bill number H.R. 5278) brought several changes that seemed like a “win” for the Democrats and, as such, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, expressed that she believed this new … [Read more...]

Se Acabó el Kool-Aid en Puerto Rico

Hoy en El Nuevo Dia hubo este articulo: "Rechazan haber aceptado Junta de Control Fiscal" ‪#‎PROMESA ‬http://linkis.com/www.elnuevodia.com/n/nLMKI Luego de leerlo esto fue lo que nos vino a la mente: Ahora les preguntamos a los gobernantes y legisladores de Puerto Rico - ¿De que sabor es el Kool-aid que se están tomando? ¿Cuando se van a dar cuenta que, como territorio bajo el Congreso, … [Read more...]

To Whom Does Puerto Rico Matters?

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The Puerto Rico Diaspora Speaks Up – A Twittter Conversation

Today, November 19th, which happens to be a national holiday in Puerto Rico as they celebrate the "discovery" of the island by Christopher Columbus in 1493, we celebrate a meeting of the minds of the Puerto Rican diaspora. From 8 pm to 10 pm ET, hundreds of Puerto Ricans will gather in the online sphere and communicate about the importance of the Puerto Rican population both in the island and in … [Read more...]