PROMESA 2.0 : A Colonial Problem a Hundred Years in the Making

The House National Resources Committee has spoken. Led by House Speaker Paul Ryan it is supposed to bring to Puerto Rico a much “anticipated” and “needed” solution to its financial woes. The PROMESA 2.0 (or by its new bill number H.R. 5278) brought several changes that seemed like a “win” for the Democrats and, as such, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, expressed that she believed this new … [Read more...]

Se Acabó el Kool-Aid en Puerto Rico

Hoy en El Nuevo Dia hubo este articulo: "Rechazan haber aceptado Junta de Control Fiscal" ‪#‎PROMESA ‬ Luego de leerlo esto fue lo que nos vino a la mente: Ahora les preguntamos a los gobernantes y legisladores de Puerto Rico - ¿De que sabor es el Kool-aid que se están tomando? ¿Cuando se van a dar cuenta que, como territorio bajo el Congreso, … [Read more...]

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Explains Puerto Rico Crisis

Last night, April 24, John Oliver lent his wry humor and insightful comments to the Puerto Rico crisis during his phenomenal program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The 20-minute segment was a history-lesson on how the Puerto Rico -US relationship has been at fault for creating the staggering 70+ billion debt for the island. Oliver also brought in some amazing Puerto Rican star power by … [Read more...]