Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Explains Puerto Rico Crisis

Last night, April 24, John Oliver lent his wry humor and insightful comments to the Puerto Rico crisis during his phenomenal program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The 20-minute segment was a history-lesson on how the Puerto Rico -US relationship has been at fault for creating the staggering 70+ billion debt for the island. Oliver also brought in some amazing Puerto Rican star power by inviting Pulitzer winner, TIME cover, creator of the acclaimed Hamilton the Musical, and pre-eminent advocate for the Puerto Rican crisis – Lin-Manuel Miranda – to rap about the crisis. Want to know the exact words Lin-Manuel used for his rap? Here they are:

Lin Manuel Miranda Puerto Rico rap

(Credit: Lin-Manuel’s tumbler

Please take the time to see the whole segment and share it. Now it is the time for the 8.5 million Puerto Ricans to come together as one – diaspora with islanders, blues and reds, everyone – and amplify a solidarity message to Congress with our voices and our votes. It’s time to ask for the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico to be at the forefront of the US news and to create awareness about the human crisis on the island. Today, Parranda is asking the Greater Puerto Rico to be part of the solution!

What can you do to help:

  1. Share the link of the show in your social networks:
  2. Write “This. John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Puerto Rico crisis. Congress we ask you to come together to help Puerto Rico. Please share!
  3. Use hashtags #100MilesAcross #StandUpforPR
  4. Write to your friends and ask for them to share too


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