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I promote all types of non profit causes, and help people identify with the the causes they are most passionate about. We contribute to helping people understand that we can help others not only with money, but with time, deeds and even in-kind donations. Or webpages are bilingual.

Here is a little more about me:
Lillian “Lilly” Zeller has over 27 years of experience working with non-profit organizations. She is a bilingual T.V. personality and radio host. Her advocacy and passion about philanthropy has been shared in Puerto Rico and abroad. Lilly is a bilingual motivational speaker in the areas of philanthropy, volunteerism, and community service.

Her community work has been in Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the United States. She has been a speaker on varied topics such as Boardsmanship, Collaboration, Communication, Human Relations, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Philanthropy and Volunteerism among others. She has dictated conferences in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela and various Caribbean Islands.
In her professional life, Lilly was a Citibanker and trainer.

Today she dedicates her time and efforts to a wide range of matters related to philanthropy and the non-profit world. She is proud to be one of the recipients of the recognition of “El Proyecto Puerto Rico 2010”, and is recognized in Puerto Rico as the spokesperson of the Third Sector.

Lilly is a positive thinker, and describes herself as a convener among people from all walks of life, inspiring others to get involved in the Third Sector. She is committed to the mission of promoting philanthropy and “paying it forward”. Lilly is now sharing her expertise related to social networking and hopes to continue to offer motivational conferences and workshops on a diversity of topics.

She calls herself an “Ohiorican”, arriving in Puerto Rico around the age of 14. She has also lived in Colombia and Argentina, where she became close to the Puerto Rican diasporas living there. She now splits her time with her retired husband, Art “Arturo” between Puerto Rico and New Jersey. Her husband calls himself a “culebrense” and speaks Spanish fluently.

For 6 years, Lilly was the host of the weekly radio program called Hablando de Filantropía (Talking about Philanthropy) on 11Q, Cadena Nacional. The program was a live weekly radio talk show. For 11 years, she also presented a television segment called: Como Mejorar su Calidad de Vida (How to improve your Quality of Life), on the Judy Gordon Show. She has been interviewed on a variety of other TV and radio programs.

Lilly has been a featured speaker for the Hospital del Niño, the Fundación Puertorriqueña de Down Syndrome, Head Start of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico-Carolina Campus, Corporation for National Services, F.E.R.N.I., and recently for the Association of Public Relations of Puerto Rico. She wrote weekly articles on philanthropy for El Vocero Newspaper Blog. She contributes now to Latina Lista, a webbased news source from a Latino perspective.

Lilly previously served as a Board member of the Puerto Rico Community Foundation for 9 years and became the first woman Board Chair of the Community Foundation; a position she occupied for two years. She also served on the Boards of Sapientis, Fundación Chana y Samuel Levis, UNICEF (Puerto Rico) and Beth Y’ashah. She is the recipient of numerous community leadership awards for her work.

She has an Associate Degree in Arts from the University of Puerto Rico, studies in French from L’ Université de Dijon, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix.

Lilly says: “This is my passion and my true mission in life. I’m committed to promote the voices of our nonprofit organizations and empowering others to use social networking for a greater good” .


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“This is my passion and my true mission in life. I’m committed to promote the voices of our nonprofit organizations and empowering others to use social networking for a greater good” , Travelling, meeting new people, entertaining, gardening, cooking and reading