Announcing Parranda Cities! Mapping the Greater Puerto Rico … One City at a Time

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Miami to Host First Parranda Meetup this Saturday at Jimmyz Kitchen Wynwood

In preparation for our first annual conference in Puerto Rico, this Spring — and to accelerate our global mapping project — today we are announcing the launch of Parranda Cities, an ongoing program to help identify and recruit new members for Parranda in cities throughout the world.   Members of the growing community are invited to volunteer as ambassadors and to host meetups in their cities to meet with fellow Boricuas and to begin planning local chapters.  The first meetup — this Saturday, January 12 — will take place in Miami, at the wildly popular Puerto Rican restaurant Jimmy’z Kitchen in the Wynwood Arts District as part of its celebration of the Fiestas de San Sebastian with a Noche de Bomba y Plena.  If you live in Miami; please drop by.  If you do not, please think about hosting a meetup in your own city during or after the Parranda season (which formally ends on January 20).

To learn more about Parranda Cities, visit the Parranda conversation stream at (to participate, you will need to register).  Here some of the key features of the overall program:

-Anyone in the community can volunteer to serve as a city ambassador.  

–Each city can have more than one ambassador.

–Ambassadors can apply directly by writing to us at

–All ambassadors will receive a kit on how to host and manage a Parranda meetup.

–The top city chapters (the ones with the most recruits) will be eligible to send at least one city member to the first annual Parranda conference, free of charge (airfare and hotel).*

If you are interested in helping us grow the Parranda community, we hope you will join Parranda Cities today.  We’re growing the Greater Puerto Rico … one city at a time.

*Rules for the contest still pending

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