Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Explains Puerto Rico Crisis

Last night, April 24, John Oliver lent his wry humor and insightful comments to the Puerto Rico crisis during his phenomenal program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The 20-minute segment was a history-lesson on how the Puerto Rico -US relationship has been at fault for creating the staggering 70+ billion debt for the island. Oliver also brought in some amazing Puerto Rican star power by … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico / Puerto Ricans: A Diaspora Summit

Top scholars and leaders will come together to explore solutions to the critical problems facing our community at “Puerto Rico/Puerto Ricans: A Diaspora Summit.” The weekend-long event will examine the crisis on the island and focus on the impact it has had on Puerto Ricans living in the United States. Join us on April 22 and 23 at the Silberman School of Social Work to add your voice to this … [Read more...]

100 años de coloniaje y los EU quieren arreglar el problema en 5 horas

Junta Fiscal Por La Via Rapida via El Nuevo Dia WASHINGTON.-  El Comité de Recursos Naturales de la Cámara de Representantes en los Estados Unidos va a comenzar mañana la sesión de votación sobre el proyecto que impondría una junta federal de control fiscal, cuyos poderes provocaban aún un fuerte forcejeo y cabildeo político. La dirección del Comité anunció que unas horas después de celebrar … [Read more...]

To Whom Does Puerto Rico Matters?

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The Puerto Rico Diaspora Speaks Up – A Twittter Conversation

Today, November 19th, which happens to be a national holiday in Puerto Rico as they celebrate the "discovery" of the island by Christopher Columbus in 1493, we celebrate a meeting of the minds of the Puerto Rican diaspora. From 8 pm to 10 pm ET, hundreds of Puerto Ricans will gather in the online sphere and communicate about the importance of the Puerto Rican population both in the island and in … [Read more...]

Less than 24 hours to go to the Parranda Summit 2013

Join us in Porto Rico 30th May 2013 for the first ever Parranda Summit. 150+ leaders from the global Puerto Rican diaspora community are gathering to talk about the issues that matter most. Including job creation, entrepreneurship, education, healthcare and empowerment. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Join us. The Parranda way: together To register, visit … [Read more...]

The Big Picture: Society Becomes How You Behave

A leader in the global Puerto Rican diaspora reflects on the impact of social engagement Guest post by Jose Masso [A native of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, José Masso moved to Boston in 1973.  His career has included prominent and groundbreaking positions in education, communications, politics, entertainment, sports and philanthropy.  Since June 22nd, 1975, generations of radio listeners … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Has a Capital in Boston

This week -- a really busy one for me, filled with travel -- had many highlights.  But one of the most important -- and moving -- was a day with Boston's public radio personality and all-around amazing person Jose Masso.  The occasion:  the informal launch of the Parranda Boston chapter.  I spent the earlier part of the day with Jose Masso at WBUR, then met with the Boston Parranderos at … [Read more...]

Parranda Comes to Boston!

Dear Parranderos In case yo didn't get the invite, this evening, we are continuing our Parranda Cities program with an informal meet-up in Boston.  Come meet with celebrated Boston DJ Jose Masso and Parranda co-founder Mónica Feliú-Mójer  (I'll be there, too) to discuss what Parranda can mean for the Boston area and what the Boston Parranda community can bring to Puerto Rico at this year's … [Read more...]

Experiencing Parranda in Your Own City — Learn How at Our First Parranda Twitter Party

Dear Parranderos: If you have not yet registered into the we hope you will do so today!  Tomorrow evening - Thursday, January 17th - (8PM Puerto Rico time, 7PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific), we will be hosting a "Twitter Party" to discuss how Parranderos throughout the Greater Puerto are setting up local groups in their cities.  If you are interested in meeting Boricuas in your city, or … [Read more...]